Jeff renovated an empty car dealership building to house his company, a high-quality landscape design, maintenance and construction firm that caters to residential estates. He has shown that a little imagination and ingenuity can go a long way on McDowell Road.

The Berghoff Design Group focuses on creating environments. Whether it’s taking someone’s dreary landscape and making it come alive or designing an outdoor setting from scratch, Jeff’s company works closely with their high-end clients to develop elite environments.

Jeff’s group is highly creative, but also exceptionally methodical. They take a vision and convert it into a concept. They take site plans and translate them into master plans. And they take their client’s values and reflect them in the finished product that produces an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

These are the types of characteristics and criteria Jeff brings to the South Scottsdale Alliance’s effort to reshape McDowell Road. He grasps the big picture about the McDowell Road Corridor. He also understands its history, respects its heritage and appreciates the area’s unique environmental character.

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