The focus of south Scottsdale revitalization is coming into focus — from improvements along the McDowell Road Corridor to a rebirth of educational excellence at Coronado High School — as Mayor Lane lauds the work of his fellow council members and the citizen group: the Scottsdale Gateway Alliance.

The Scottsdale Gateway Alliance recently unveiled its long-awaited branding and marketing plan whereas proponents contend the new brand can help turn the economic tide of the McDowell Road Corridor.

The Scottsdale Gateway Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, seeks to advance investment and revitalization opportunities in southern Scottsdale and along the McDowell Corridor, its mission statement reads.

There was a time when portions of McDowell Road served as a major commercial artery pumping a constant flow of revenue into the coffers of local proprietors and the municipality of Scottsdale. Once referred to as the Scottsdale “Motor Mile,” the area saw an exodus of business over the past decade as low- and high-end car dealerships sought greener pastures in different parts of the Valley of the Sun.

“McDowell road looks and feels better than it has in a long time,” Mayor Lane said pointing out the efforts of council colleagues Suzanne Klapp and Virginia Korte, who were instrumental in the creation of the SGA.

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