One of the objectives of SGA is to give stakeholders, including both businesses and residents, a positive voice in the future of Southern Scottsdale.  


Even though SGA is still young and evolving, we have established our organization as a valuable resource for those who are interested in locating their businesses or residences in our community.  Almost every day we hear from people who appreciate and support the role SGA is playing in Southern Scottsdale.


Here’s a sample of what people are saying:


“The Scottsdale Gateway Alliance is providing a private-sector approach to revitalize and re-energize the McDowell Road Corridor that will bring economic prosperity back to South Scottsdale.  McDowell Road is on the precipice of becoming a leading technology hub in the region and SGA will serve as a portal for all local businesses and residents to benefit from.”


– Jodi Deros, partner at ATOM Design in SkySong


“I am so grateful that a local, non-profit organization is coming to fruition in Southern Scottsdale.  SGA will provide an excellent platform for local business to unite around a common cause that will restore economic life in the McDowell Road Corridor.”


– Al McCarthy, owner of Dukes Sports Bar & Grill


“When I was approached to become involved in SGA, it was clear that this organization was aimed at a ‘boot’s-on-the-ground’ approach for uniting businesses and residents from within our community, as opposed to previous attempts and prior city task forces.  I strongly support having a non-profit, private organization in the community that’s only goal is to benefit the business owners and residents of South Scottsdale.”


– Tottie Kaya, owner ofTottie’s Asian Fusion

We encourage you to contact us via email or Facebook, give us your feedback, tell us about your business or neighborhood and share more positive perspectives about SGA and the McDowell Road Corridor. 





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