Brian lives and works in South Scottsdale, representing a new generation of families who have chosen to live in this area because of its charm and character. One of the things Brian likes most about residing in the Hy-View neighborhood is how it’s convenient location connects him with so many outdoor amenities and activities – including Papago Park, Indian Bend Wash and El Dorado Park, as is typical with most South Scottsdale residents. Likewise, he also enjoys living in such close proximity to new coffee shops and restaurants that are springing up near his neighborhood.

As an architect at Aline Architecture, a full-service design firm located near Old Town, Brian brings a blend of creativity and practicality to the projects on which he works. And it’s those traits that influence the way he thinks about the revitalization of the McDowell Road Corridor.

Brian finds the potential of McDowell Road fascinating. Using his architectural eye, he sees an almost unlimited opportunity for what he calls “repurposing” some of the existing buildings – especially the vacant car dealerships. Where others see challenges, Brian believes several of the buildings can be converted into something intriguing by using creativity. Brian provides the South Scottsdale Alliance with a unique perspective about McDowell Road’s future and a commitment to preserving the heritage of the nearby neighborhoods he values.

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