Jodi and Yani Deros share a seat on the South Scottsdale Alliance board. Partners in business and in life, Yani and Jodi own and operate ATOM, headquartered at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center. ATOM is a unique and diverse business operation.  The company is an internationally recognized, full-service product development and innovation firm that commercializes new products and break-through technologies for start-ups to global companies.

After attending several conferences at SkySong and experiencing first-hand the excitement and energy in the area, Jodi and Yani moved their business from Phoenix to SkySong.  The centralized location in Scottsdale, the continuous stream of traffic in the complex, and the continued growth of innovative and tech companies at SkySong have all proved beneficial. Since the move, their business has thrived, so much so that they have doubled their office space and quadrupled their staff.

The innovation exemplified in the work of ATOMdesign make Yani and Jodi an excellent addition to the South Scottdale Alliance board to encourage the same kind of creative thinking for the McDowell Road Corridor.

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